Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Think Big

After few article of condemning and criticising of Malaysian sports and Malaysian Athlete, or i better say as article to motivate and hopefully any sports person whom read it would see it more to positive way. This time i want to write about something that every athlete should have. This is part of attitude, which is very positive attitude for athlete called think big.

If you could detailed and narrow it to much deeper view, think big would referring to you are targeting and make clear of your future. It is true that every grow athlete scared at first when they are on their first step. But as philosophy said "there are null movement without begin with first step"..."every ending must start with a first move". It is understandable attitude if the athlete are scared when they make their first move, but only then they would realize where he/she stand out from others.

Many of our young athlete proof that they have the ability to perform well. Thats why there are in Bukit Jalil Sports School for example, because you dont enter in Bukit Jalil Sports School with zero achievement and talent in sports. Academy for me is much more towards nurturing the athlete. Whether the athlete is born gifted or else, the job of academy is to nurture them to one day become a good athlete. If the athlete received a good basic knowledge and training, the job for national coach is to polish them and inspire them to win medal for Malaysia.

Back to our topic discussion about think big. There are many ways to get to the top, but every way require much effort. Dream big is never harmed, but you must remember to dont just hard to get it. That is how think big concept work. You should challenge yourself of something bigger that cant be reach out by your recent testimonial. For example, if you are a 2nd world ranked squash player, you must challenge yourself by think big, think that you can defeat the number one. Its may just a matter of time. This attitude will motivate yourself in every games you involved. Datuk Nicol David doesnt got to number one spot just like that or by easy way. It take rough challenge and at the end of the day, when the going get tough - the tough get going.

As per report in The New Straits Times, Rashid Sidek has told backup shuttlers to improve and think big to challange senior player whom are ahead of them so far. The first step is to instill a believe that you can do it. Then you think big, set your target that one day if not same, then you would be able to beat Datuk Lee Chong Wei records.

*source - Rashid Sidek: Backup shuttlers told to think big.

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